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You May Qualify For Discharging Student Debt

The Bankruptcy Code says that student loans can be discharged only if the Debtor proves “undue hardship” in an action brought before the Court. Until now, that has been at best a very difficult and costly process which rarely succeeded.

The Bankruptcy Code has not been changed by Congress, BUT THE ATTITUDE AND ADMINISTRATION OF ACTIONS TO DISCHARGE STUDENT LOANS HAS CHANGED. Under new guidelines which now govern how these actions are to be administered, a simple stipulation of discharge will be the result of many such actions which are brought before the bankruptcy court. Attorney Douglas Wickham can help you determine if your student loans will likely qualify for this treatment for a modest cost. If it appears that your loans will qualify, filing the action in the bankruptcy court to obtain the stipulation of discharge can be done at a very reasonable cost over and above the basic bankruptcy case fee.

If you have been 10 or more years in repayment, are over 65, cannot afford the standard loan repayment amount, have been unemployed for several years, or have made some effort at repayment in the past, you may well qualify for this path to a stipulation of discharge in bankruptcy for all or at least a part of your student loans. If student loans are part of your problem debts, you should contact experienced attorney Douglas Wickham to see if you can discharge them along with your other debts in a bankruptcy case.

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